Should the toilet paper roll be put on with the paper coming out under or over the roll?
See image:)

Why is fitness important to you?
It makes my mood lighter and brighter. Gives me a feeling of accomplishment even if it’s a simple walk with my dogs. It makes my day feel complete.

How do you stay motivated/inspired?
Preparing my workout items a day ahead, making a plan, registering for events, stay connected with friends. Remind myself I don’t have to do, I get to do it. If that doesn’t work give it 10 minutes and motivation kicks in.

Favorite memory from running or event or?
1995 Chicago Marathon & 1996 US Olympic Marathon Trials

Anything else you want to share?
Recently diagnosed with breast cancer and literally stopped me in my tracks. No, that can’t be right…must be a mistake. It’s not and I’ll do what needs to be done to get through. What I learned again is that life can change in a moment and appreciate each one for what they have to teach. My priorities changed, my appreciation grew and I’m taking the time to do what’s right to move forward and be more in connection with my surroundings.

What is your HAL?
Family, friends, running, biking, running & biking, hiking too. Music and lyrics because those can make all the difference for the day.

~Willie Tibbetts