As an announcer at the finish line, I get to see really amazing moments.
It’s a great vantage point to have: I witness so many people who have challenged themselves in their moment of achievement.
I get to see their pride, their pain, and their cheering section rally around them.
I am amazed by elites crushing the course in times faster than I can run to the bathroom.
I cheer on the inspirational runner who is battling cancer.
I marvel at the “you have got to be kidding me runner” who ran a half or full marathon in jean shorts (I hope  they know what body glide is! Talk about chaffing….)
And a few times a year, this guy with the microphone gets recruited into a secret plan involving a guy with a ring and conspiring group of “her friends”.  When she crosses that finish line, she’s getting a finisher medal, and a proposal.
Every single time it happens, I tear up.
Watch the latest proposal.
Anyone up for a  wedding at the start line?

If you have any other great stories about running, pass them along!  
photo credit: Jeremy Bishop