Hi! I’m Kristen, and I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life and I absolutely love it here.  I live in Firestone with my husband, Tim, and our dog Goose.  We love being outside at the dog park, going for walks, or getting into the mountains for an adventure!

Three years ago, my husband had a liver transplant very suddenly.  Every day, we try to live our lives full of happiness and the gratefulness we feel for him being given a second chance at life.  We are so thankful for organ donors!  That experience changed our lives.  We’ve done many Hal Sports events together.  I’ve always wanted to be a runner!  During my journey to lose weight, better my health, and find out who I am, I’ve always found acceptance within the running community.  It doesn’t matter if I am dead last in a race, everyone has always been so kind and encouraging.  I’m inspired to keep working on myself and becoming more involved in the Denver running community!

6 months ago I broke my leg in a dog park accident, and I am trying to recover to get back out there doing the races I love!  The comeback is gonna be greater than the setback!  I’m looking forward to improving myself and cheering everyone else on!

How I HAL:  90’s alternative music, reading, crafting, dogs, and orange juice and popcorn!