I have lived in Boulder since 1961. Professionally I was a Regent of the University of Colorado, adjunct law professor – taught Sports and the Law, public trustee, news editor NBC News Chicago, and owned a development building company for 35 years.

I have run 49 marathons  – personal bests. – 26.219   (2:31:29) – 13.1k  (1:14:45) 10k (31:22) – 5k (15:28). Colorado Runner’s runner of year for 60-64 age group. Running changed my life not only physically but spiritually as well. Helped me as a present cancer survivor, and as a survivor of a child that died by suicide.

I used to live to run – now I run to live. It helps me breathe.

My HAL is: family, friends, running, hot yoga, writing, making people laugh, public speaking – Jeopardy trivia buff