And the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
I know he’d be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly
Rocky mountain high
-John Denver
If you love Colorado, you love the mountains.  And if you’re reading this, you may have a bit of a fondness for running as well.
It’s time to put these passions together for a true Rocky Mountain “Run” High.
I’m personally inviting you to the mountains.
Three of Colorado’s original and most beloved half marathons are teaming together with HAL Sports and to create the Colorado Half Mountain Marathon Series all so that you can Run Among the Peaks!

It all started on June 18th with the Estes Park Half Marathon, part of the Estes Park Marathon weekend.
Runners took in beautiful landscapes in a place known for its resident elk herd and the famous Stanley Hotel at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Waterfall and waterwheel at Georgetown colorado.In a couple of weeks, test your speed and work to a new PR with one of Colorado’s oldest half marathons, the 39th Annual Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (known as GTIS Half) August 12th.
Start at beautiful Georgetown Lake between towering Rocky Mountains as you cruise through what is a fast, mostly downhill course into iconic Idaho Springs.

The series wraps up with the Ned*Ned Half Marathon in Nederland on September 9th.  Nederland is known for its amazing beauty and the world renowned Frozen Dead Guy (I know I have your attention now).
In a valley cut by glaciers; you will run mostly on trails in beautiful national forests with Barker Reservoir as a backdrop. This is the only event that runs through the national forest area as part of the Boulder Canyon.

If you run all three, you get a special medal for participating! Each event earns you points for overall and age group awards for a special custom award.  You don’t have to run all three to be eligible, just get enough points. So if you miss out on one, don’t worry, you can still run the other two.  Or run fast enough, for a PR or an age group award. But seriously, why would you want to miss any?  These half’s take you through some of the most beautiful front range areas around Colorado.  Plus you might find a mountain goat, elk, or even a moose along the way.
Find out more and register at and save 15%!
Colorado Rocky Mountain High?  You bet!