We founded an event timing and scoring business, but you might be surprised at how we view our work.

To us, events are so much more than precise distances, times, scores, and new personal records. HAL Sports obsesses over the experience of the participant, and we work with our partners to give participants a place and a moment in time to make meaning with their action.

We’ve found that every participant who lines up for an event has a reason for doing so.

  • They might be running in memory of a loved one.
  • Perhaps they are pinning on a bib for the first time since learning they are cancer-free.
  • A race can be the moment for a person who has been wronged to move forward.
  • For others, participating in an event can be the crystallizing moment they declare they are committed to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Groups of friends use an event as a reason to come together, and they celebrate the finish line victory, no matter what time displays when they cross that line.

Some participants don’t share their reason for participating outside of a small circle. Others share on social media. We treasure the times an event announcer happens to find out about a story and can clue the crowd into another level of meaning for the event.

Whatever the reason, lining up with a crowd large or small is a significant moment. All the reasons start to unfold and give meaning to the first step, and all those that come after the announcer says, “go”.

Our cold, early mornings spent setting up for events are rewarded at every single race when we see that together with our clients, we’ve created a platform for important stories to be told.  At the finish line, we see smiles, we see hugs, and we see tears.

We love being a part of these stories and sharing the distinct feeling that the finish line is so very often the beginning of what is possible.

Lonnie and Michelle


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