My family and friends would describe me as the girl who used to avoid running at all costs and now is crazy about running! I started running in 2017; when I started I could only run about a block – I slowly kept adding distance and was so happy when I finally could run a full mile! When I was finally able to run two miles, I told a couple of my friends and they encouraged me to sign up for a 5K. I ran my first 5K in October of 2017 and figured it would be a one and done and something that I could check off my bucket list…instead I got hooked! The next week I signed up for the Run Denver Series with a 10K and have never looked back! I have ran countless 5K’s, lots of 10K’s, one 15K and two half marathons. I can honestly say that I don’t have a desire to run a full marathon, but if a Disney one presented itself, I wouldn’t turn it down!

Running has become not only a hobby of mine, but has also become my “ME” time. I love running when I have had a long day at work, when I am stressed or just need an escape! Running has given me special memories with each of my kiddos – My son ran the 2019-2020 Run Denver Series with me and I was a Girls on the Run coach at my daughter’s school. My very supportive husband thinks i’m crazy, but will gladly say “enjoy your run” anytime I take off out the door. My mighty 3lb chihuahua makes me look like I am a fast runner and loves going with me as well. Even though my family thinks i’m crazy to enjoy running; my running “hubby” and running friends are always willing to go to races with me and have become my running family!

My HAL is: Family, Running, Walks around the Lake, Friends, Scrapbooking, Being Happy